User-Generated Content and Influencer marketing for growing social media

user-generated content and influencer marketing

When you are on the edge of making a decision for purchasing any items, whom do you trust the most? – A brand or someone in your circle who is already using that product? Of course, we take the recommendations of our friends and dear ones rather than an unknown brand for buying things. And that is where the logic of User-Generated content on social media comes into the picture.

User-generated content, or UGC, comprises any type of substance that is made by clients and customers about a brand or item. UGC isn’t paid for, and its validity makes the client the brand sponsor too. UGC is especially pervasive on Instagram, where brands without much of a stretch can repost and regram UGC from clients’ records.

The theory of “Content is King” is becoming highly true in the world of Social Media. 

Be that as it may, the standards encompassing substance creation just as our comprehension of it as advertisers have changed. Never again is it about possessing a great deal of substance, it’s everything about quality. 

Having one incredible bit of substance is continually going to be better than 10 below average pieces that don’t include any incentive for perusers. In any case, on the off chance that you can reliably deliver extraordinary substance all the time, that is sufficient to command the internet showcasing domain. 

Why User-Generated Content?

  • Build consumer trust and loyalty: The more the people themselves promote your product and brand the more it helps you build trust among other people to buy your products.
  • Extend your brand reach into audiences that may not follow you: The influencers or common people can help you reach the audience that doesn’t even know about you and who is not following you on the Social media channels. 
  • Provide social proof and amp up your credibility: The user-created content itself helps you in building a social proof of you and your brand that how much people are preferring it and enjoying buying it. 
  • Extend your budget: Sometimes being more in demand you can try and test to increase your budget for selling your product/services for more profit-margin. 
  • Put you directly in touch with your audience: This can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. But as a part of the advantage, you can hear out your customers directly and know what they think about your product and their experience with it.
  • Get ad-blockers for your post because the content doesn’t come across the same way as a typical ad.

There can be a lot of different types of users that might use and openly post about your product on social media. But mainly there are users that the companies specially appoint or hire to promote their product to the large numbers of the followers that they have. These users can be addressed as Influencers for you. There are different types of Influencer as follows:-

Types of Influencers:

  1. Celebrity Influencers
  2. Industry Influencers
  3. Media Influencers
  4. Micro-Influencers
  5. Local Influencers

Based on the type of their position and the customers they can attract from their post they are paid according to different factors. 

How Influencers are paid:

  • Commission
  • Upfront fee
  • Gift card
  • Per click
  • Cost per engagement
  • Invitations to events

How Influencers can impact behavior:

  1. Reach: The ability to deliver content to a target audience
  2. Relevance: The strength of connection to a brand or topic
  3. Resonance: The ability to drive the desired behavior from an audience.

How Influencers can work with your brand:

  • Influencers can share brand content you’ve created: The influencers can share your posts from your account so that the more people get aware of your social media presence and start following you, so later they may start buying from you as well.
  • Influencers can share brand content they’ve created: They can make the content themselves which will create more impact on your product and will inspire their followers to consider buying from you.
  • Sponsored posts that feature the influencer: You can run a sponsored post that features any of the social media influencers to make the ad more famous and appealing.
  • Contests/competitions: User’s innovations and creative methods that you use to make them interact and participate in your competitions. Nowadays #challenges on Instagram is very much trending and people do follow the trend instantly. 
  • Events with face to face contact with the influencer: Big events that help people come together are loved by every kind of person in the world and taking the advantage of these events you can leave a mark. 
  • Channel takeover: Let them run your Instagram for a day
  • Live streaming events: Online interactions make it possible to come closer to your users even better and cost-effective. You can keep a demo session or show some short stories about your product and you have been helping people across. 
  • Road-trip with Influencers: Going city to city so fans can meet them
  • Guest posts: Allowing a successful and experienced person in your relevant field to share their experience and thoughts on your blog can be also very beneficial. 

Influencer networks::

  • Hypetap
  • Viral nation
  • Upfluence
  • Fanbase
  • Socialyte
  • Revfluence
  • IZEA
  • Tapinfluence
  • instaBrand

Advantages of User-Generated Content:

  • Helps brands understand their audience
  • Improves site engagement and time spent on the website
  • Increases customer satisfaction through conversation
  • Provides means for other users to connect, which then builds a stronger community.
  • Improves the brand’s search engine ranking and online visibility.