Use Social Media to Build One to one Relationship with Customers

Using social media to build one to one relationship

We all are aware of the fact that Social media can be used in several ways to build up a personalized relationship with your customers.

It is not a very easy or straight forward way to bring this in action but it requires a very planned and organized step by step approach to bring the plan in execution and get the real results out of that. Following are a few steps that you can mold according to your services and prepare an approach accordingly:

1. Build your brand:

Branding is very important. People need to remember you with your name instead of just your service or product. Branding gives you the ability to leave a mark in people’s memory with your services and their experience with you. They would always prefer you again and again if loved the first experience with you and are also likely to recommend you to others.

Branding shows how serious and professional you are with your services. Companies without a branding process and tags on their services/products are less likely to be trusted by a new customer.

Same way, online branding also works, where your online presence on each platform with decent posts and followers helps the customers to conclude their decision of hiring you.

Other than that, there is an increasing number of customers who are becoming habitual of buying and preferring to search for the best options online only. So that is where your online presence and branding helps you score more from their point of you.

2. Improve your reputation:

You need to listen to your customer’s views on your product/services so you can make a better version of the existing. Nobody is perfect with their offerings at the beginning itself and hence that is a chance to learn from the mistakes.

You can take the survey or ask the people to fill a form for you with the details of their satisfaction and experience with your services.

After that, you can evaluate the responses and determine what the majority of the people saying about you. Based on that, you must research and calculate the after-effects of the new implementations that you would do instead of applying the changes directly.

Apart from these things, try to solve the issues or complaints of your customers. They need to be heard and provided proper support to their queries in the right manner otherwise that will leave a wrong impression among your prospects as well.

3. Answer questions:

You should always respond to the queries and issues of the customers that they raise through an email, call, support ticket, or through any social media posts/DM. They need to be answered as they have trusted you and your services over other existing brands in the market.

Unanswered questions and queries make them realize that you don’t care about client satisfaction and after-sales service and that will never help you regain your customers when they are again in need.

Also if you are good at attaining people’s problems and help them to resolve it then it will help you gain trust in the eyes of them as well as other prospects through the feedback they leave. Any highly disappointed customer can spread the word out on the internet or through any channel about your dissatisfying services and that will impact your reputation which is really hard to get back.

4. Provide additional value:

Always try to provide your client with small extra service from your end to make them feel overwhelmed. People always like an unexpected small little effort from anyone without asking.

An example of such additional value can be a small good little quote crafted beautifully to make them smile and make their day.

Also sometimes you can just randomly reach out to your customers through a personal note or email that how thankful you are to have them as your customers and provide some information on how you are planning to build a better experience for them with the services that you are providing.

5. Amplify your reach:

You must reach out as many people as possible to showcase your portfolio and services. It can be either your existing customers or new prospects who might have never heard about you.

Constantly reaching out to those people who have not chosen you as your customer yet can be very beneficial. Because the 1st or 2nd time you pop up as an ad in their feeds will help them understand your service and maybe even remember you whenever they really need you. It is not always necessary that they are in need of your services every time you reach out to them and that may not be a good time.

So reaching out to more and more people for a constant period of duration can help you to be remembered and makes the people more likely to try you for their needs.

You can simply increase the reach by increasing your subscriber list and emailing them on a weekly basis. A good and easy approach can also be a social media post with the ad boosters to make it reach the maximum people.

6. Increase customer loyalty:

It is the overall result of what you do in the above points that I explained. The happier and satisfied you keep your customers the more likely they are to choose you over and over again for their needs.

This is the most important aspect as attracting new customers is harder than having the business from your existing customers. As you have already earned the trust and confidence of them and you can continuously expect to have the long term business relationship with them.

20-40% more customers are likely to spend with a business after a successful social customer service experience

Along with just having a give and take relationship with your customers you must have a friendly interaction with them so they don’t think they are interacting with some greedy companies.

Here are the different ways to engage with people on the social media:-

1. Respond to comments

2. Be honest, transparent, and personal

3. Be Funny

4. Offer additional value

5. Ask for reviews

6. Ask for product commentary

7. Conduct polls

8. Respond to comments in real time

9. Tag guests

10.  Reference the amazing content of others

11.  Encourage readers to comment, like and share

12.  Consider starting a group

13.  Ask a question and respond to the answers

14.  Use emojis 


–  There are 12x higher chances of being retweeted if you ask for it

–   23x higher chance of being retweeted if you spell out the word “retweet”

–   47.7% increase in interactions on Instagram posts when using emojis

How Social Care helps you:

  • Drive brand awareness 
  • Sell more products and services
  • Humanize your brand
  • Build loyalty
  • Drive revenue growth

What to keep in mind on social media?

–  Have community guideline

–  Consider a dedicated support handle

–  Seek out engagement

–  Be authentic and human

–  Commit a human resource to respond

Social moderation tools that can help you reach and evaluate the activities of your followers/customers:

1.  Icuc social

2. Liveworld

3. Emoderation

4. ModSquad

5. Crisp

6. Smart moderation

Few more suggestions to engage people on Social media and do the right Marketing:

  • Develop a FAQ page for the questions that are asked frequently
  • Consider using a Chatbot
  • Determine when to take an issue offline

What is social selling? Why is it important?

– Social selling is when salespeople use social media to interact directly with their prospects

– 67% of the buyer journey is digital

– 78% of social sellers outsell in comparison to colleagues who don’t use social media

– 91% B2B buyers are now active and involved in social media

– 84% executives use social media to support purchase decisions