Some amazingly unique techniques to generate leads effectively

Following are some of the unusual techniques for effective lead generation:
  • Sales pitch through contact forms on websites
You might have seen a “Contact Us” section in almost all website of the companies which allows you to directly get into touch with that organization with your query. This query can be anything like a solution to a problem or a problem in solution so why can’t you propose and offer a solution that you have to automate their efforts by your services. You can enter your details and provide a quote explaining about the solution beneficial to them in XYZ way. Some or the other person from the support would revert back to you apart from the automatic response to see if they really needs your help or not. At that time you can propose and explain in more detail about the concerns and regards to reach and benefit them. This is found as the most easiest way to pitch where you will not require any email address and also don’t have to worry if you have reached the correct responsible person or not, as they will hear and revert back either ways if they need you.
  • Send messages to the LinkedIn group members without even connecting with them
LinkedIn is believed to the most engaged and powerful network for B2B or B2C companies. There are several ways how you can use LinkedIn effectively for lead generation. I would like to shower the rays towards one way which is underestimated by many of the sales associates which is free and very useful i.e LinkedIn Groups. Many of us join LinkedIn groups but don’t really use it for any useful purpose. You can use them for your sales pitch as LinkedIn allows you sent messages to the group members without being connected to that person. It really becomes helpful when you don’t have to flood your connections and get connected with the concerned person directly as well. I would suggest to join relevant groups which are out of your industry where your services would really matter them. E.g if a film maker would propose another film maker to hire him than it won’t work. On the same hand if he propose a B2B or B2C company to help them create a high quality video of their company, employees and their success story than there are high chances that the company would think of collaborate with him. So pitch an industry who really needs your help.
  • Use Info graphics in Email Campaigns
We are really not living in an era where boring texts and usual sales pitch are appreciated anymore. People are really attracted towards the stuff that is more interactive and which grabs their attention out of their busy schedules. Info graphics serves as a solution here and hence you can replace your generic email contents with info graphics which would contain all the details that you want to convey through the emails with visuals as well. These long info graphics can be made easily with the help of any designer and you can use them in your email campaigns for generating more potential leads faster. You can also use these info graphics on social media by sharing and posting them on your company’s official profile to educate your audience or followers with a single image containing lot of information about your offerings. You must design the info graphics which is attractive in all the aspects to reach the people and generate the leads accordingly.
  • Ad Campaigns on different social media
The more you invest smartly the more you earn. It is not possible to invest a lot of money in the starting of your startup if you are not funded enough. If you have reached at a certain level of success or are funded already by the accelerators than you can use this method. Google ad words helps you run campaigns on different sites differently. Almost every social media platforms serves the option of creating ads and you can use those services to grow your business to a next level. Without any doubt you will have to spend some money depending upon the time limit of ad campaign and the geography. The budget varies depending upon the plan you choose but the impression and reach of these ads are guaranteed other than the conversions. Google assures a certain number of people that will be reached with your ad, but it is totally depending upon the users if they find the ad useful for them or not. Hence you must use them wisely and at an appropriate platform like Facebook, Twitter, Intagram, YouTube, etc. You can also run a PPC the chances of conversions are also as equal as the ad campaigns.
  • Create company profile on various job portals
There are so many job portals present online where a lot of jobs are posted every day. Among them many of the job portals help you create company profile where you can create a profile with the skills and expertise you have along with all the required information. After creating a full established profile you can start applying to the jobs or contract that matches with your skills and offerings. Based on your profile and past works the clients would revert back with some interview/screening questions that you have to clear and proceed further. Different portals have different features which helps you apply and organize the leads accordingly without any glitches. You can create profiles on portals like Angel, Hubstaff, Vettery, Remoteok, etc.