How busy people manage their time wisely?


Time management can sometimes become crucial when you have a lot of stuff on your plate to do. If you don’t manage your time wisely then you can get caught up in an endless cycle of busyness and filling up time with tasks.

Time management is not a peripheral activity or skill. It is the core skill upon which everything else in life depends.” — Brian Tracy

The real bitter fact about the time is that unlike money, you cannot borrow it, store it, or save it for later. Because your time is now!

Many times people remain busy and keeps working at a place that is not really joyful and impactful for them in their life.

If you remain busy and don’t manage it in the right manner than you may miss out on the time to work on yourself or to learn and adopt something new.

Working on low-value activities and wasting time on the things that aren’t giving much output in your life is surely not the right use of your time.

The excuse of always being busy and never been able to do what you love is just not valid. Everyone in this world has the same number of hours in a day. Some people are able to easily accomplish a lot of things in a day than everyone else who is still juggling to manage their time wisely.

Those extraordinary people are not very much different from you. They have a better realization of the value of their time and they know that it is necessary to make the best use of it.

All of this is possible with the right strategic approach for managing your time equally at the things that are necessary for your life.  So let’s jump on to some ways that can help you manage your time

1. Find out what matters to you the most

There will be many things for you to be done in a single day but you should know which one is most worthy of your time. You must think and see what is most important in your life is. And are you really giving your time to those things that matter?

Once you find out your top priorities, all the other minor tasks will fade away in importance. You will be able to automatically remove the tasks that are not so valuable to your day. This will ultimately help you to spend most of the time on the things that provide you maximum results.

2. Set aggressive goals

Just as keeping a goal in your life helps you achieve your dreams, you can keep goals for time.

You can simply set a goal to complete a certain list of things in a day and decide to complete it. You must decide how and where you want to spend your time each day before even starting your day.

It is not necessary that successful people might have every minute of their day scheduled.  But they always have an overall plan about how they will spend it even before their day begins.

3. Plan your Day Before it Starts

You should always plan your next day before going to bed, so you are aware of what you have to do first thing in the morning.

Once you have found out which are your priority tasks and set a goal for your next it will be easy to plan accordingly.

A planned thing help you concentrate and keeps you away from non-productive things. Sort out which task should be done first and which one at the later stage when you have some time left out.

4. Ignore the distractions

There can be a rise in uncertain and unavoidable situations that might arrive and destroy your plan. Some of them would be a small matter and some of them might need your immediate attention and time.

There are very few people who will differentiate and chose what is the most important one to attend and the rest can be avoided smartly.

You must only respond with the urgency when necessary but should immediately get back on what they were focusing without losing any time. Sorting out what is most essential for you is the key to managing your time wisely.

5. Wake Up Early

You can save a lot of time and in fact get more hours in a day for you if you wake up early. The morning time will not only add more hours to your day but also help you in increasing productivity.

The work that you do in the morning is much more efficient and productivity than any other time in your day.

6. Carry out the most important things first

Just as we learned, that things that we carry out in the early mornings are performed very quickly and efficiently.

This is the reason why you can complete the maximum of your work at the beginning of your day. Because as the day extends and comes to the end your productivity also drops down eventually.

Try to complete big and more time consuming things in the morning so you will save more time late.

7. Learn to say No

It is by only saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.”—Steve Jobs

Many of us still aren’t able to deny for the workloads we are given by our seniors or employers. Some would feel shy or bad about saying no to the task given.

But if you don’t deny today than you will be overloaded with the tasks at some stage and won’t be able to focus anywhere.

Other than the work-life, you can deny any other plans today to save your time for tomorrow. You can hang out with your friends next weekend if you are overloaded with this one.

8. Create a To-Do List

A list does nothing but helps you remind about the tasks you have in a day. This list helps you increase your speed towards one task so you can quickly jump on to the other one.

The more the list will be straight in front of your eyes the more you will be focused to complete your today’s task at the earliest.

9. Track your Time

Find out which task of your day is taking the most of your time. Sometimes you don’t really realize about it until you keep an eye on the same.

You must do an audit of your highest time taking activity. You might think that your email activity or followup is taking half an hour but actually it is taking whole hour of your day.

So if we compile all such undetermined tasks than you can set clear time limit to be given to each task and get it done within that time.

10. Take Breaks

Your productivity would only increase if you keep taking short breaks. Taking breaks helps you clear your head and helps to regain the energy to do the tasks more efficiently.

A fresh air or a tea/coffee break will easily help you boosting your day.

11. Book a Holiday

Your life can become more and more busy and you can get addictive for it. It is seen that once you book an holiday in advance for future you would be able to achieve and have plan for it anyhow from your busy schedule.

We all need to have a holiday along with our work-life right, as we all deserve it after being busy whole year. Trying to plan out is much more hectic than simply selecting a day in the future for your holiday.

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