Lead generation using Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

The active monthly users are growing faster day by day on Instagram rather than any social media platform right now. And hence, Instagram Marketing has become more and more powerful these days for generating leads.

Instagram currently has 1 billion active monthly users and more than 25 million business profiles over the world. Moreover, the people on Instagram are very likely to interact with the businesses.

You might be thinking and curious to know:

Is my Business a good fit to generate leads from Instagram?

Well, the answer is, Of course, yes!

With over more than 1 billion active users, there might be somewhere and someone who might be looking for your services. And you can surely make some great benefit from Instagram marketing no matter what your business is and what you are selling.

There are many online as well as offline businesses that are selling their products or services using Instagram Marketing.

Who can benefit the most?

There a few industries that can literally benefit a lot from Instagram like Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Auto, Retail, Jewelry, and others similar to these.

People love high quality, eye-catchy images, and videos on Instagram as they tend to be more attractive than any other content.

So if you have products that can be visually displayed beautifully to your audience than surely the Instagram users will entertain you.

Steps for generating leads through Instagram Marketing:

1. Add a landing page to your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram Page is the page where anybody will get to know more details about your services. Try to make it as informative as possible.

Along with any other text details, you must have a website URL or a web page mentioned in the bio. This page must have all the SEO and sales optimized details that can drive your users to become a part of your customer.

2. Add a CTA in your Instagram Feed posts

You may not be able to add any button in your Instagram post, until and unless you run an ad that ads the CTA for visiting your site.

But you can drive your users to any new alerts or content that you might have released recently. You post a few details about the same and ask them to find out the link in your bio for more details.

You will need to represent that in a very different and personal way to make them do this step and get your content reached to them.

Other than this, Instagram Ads allows you to include a URL that takes the users directly to the landing page without visiting your Bio.

3. Activate the action buttons on your profile

You have the ability to add Call to action buttons to your Instagram page, where they can directly reach out to you. Some of these action buttons are like Call, Email, and Address.

These contact details helps your users to directly inquire and get in communication with you without any hassle. Always try to make your customers reach you out easily.

4. Create and share interesting Instagram stories

Keep your audience engaged with you all the time. You can easily do that with the help of Instagram stories. Users are more likely to prefer Instagram stories than Instagram posts.

You must post at least 5-12 stories per day so that your audience does not lose interest in your page. Give them a reason to keep continue and follow your page or else users may also unfollow due to less engagement and irregular posts.

5. Add a CTA in your Instagram Story

As we just find out that Instagram story much powerful, we must also add a Call to action button for users to drive somewhere right!

Yes, you can do this in your stories as well. Apart from just telling them to go to the link in the bio in the story as well, you can add a link for them to swipe up.

This is an amazing feature that lets you include a URL that users can visit simply by swiping up to your story. Instagram provides this feature to those who have 10k+ followers. So it is very much important for you to reach that threshold and get that feature available for you.

I am sure you will reach there soon if you haven’t! 🙂

6. Make use of IGTV for Broadcasting more content

As a new feature of Instagram, its popularity has grown a lot among the users in terms of enjoying the long videos as IGTV.

It is mostly used by business profiles for storytelling and shows a story that represents the backend of their business. People like to watch such videos that have never been revealed and spread to them.

You can make a video of the process, “the making” and any product launch video to make it engaging among your users.

7. Involve an Instagram Influencer

You can tie up with a famous Instagram Influencer who can help you promote your services and expand your business. Along with your services, they can help you increase your followers also with the audience they already have.

An influencer promoting your services builds a trust among your existing as well as your new followers. You must try and test if this particular technique really works for you or not.

8. Run a contest for your users

People love contests that reward them with offers and discounts. You can run unique contests where you can ask your followers to comment on your posts and tag their friends.

These kinds of contests not only help you make them participate but also help you reach more audience. This is one kind of contest example that you can typically run but there are many other such examples that work. You can create something like this that attracts the users to participate.

At the end of these contests, you can attract them with a reward for the winners with some gifts or vouchers.

9. Run Instagram Ads to broaden your audience

Last but not least you can always invest some money to get the desired output and the paid Ads do the same for you.

You can run different kinds of Ads on Instagram to reach a broad audience and get viewed at a larger extent.