Increase your sales online with simple steps

Increase your sales online with simple steps

You might already be using several successful ways for effective lead generation (sales lead). But here in this article I will be talking about some commonly ignored tactics that can be beneficial either or the other way in present or in future but will definitely reward you with either branding or lead generation.  

· Get yourself reviewed by your clients

One of the main aspects that a new prospect would trust is the reviews, what people are saying about you after getting your services. How well you fulfilled their requirement and how happy they are to become your customer? These questions they always have in their minds while searching for proper service to their needs.

Reviews solve and answer many of these questions while leaving a great impact on you on them. Having reviews on your website from your good clients is not only very beneficial but it also helps to improve the branding of your company.

Due to such importance of having the client reviews mandatory on the company websites, people would include fake reviews that were never given by any of their clients.

To get rid of such an improper way of validating and providing the business value to the customers there are several authenticated platforms where companies can ask their customers to fill out the necessary questions and provide feedback for the services they have served.

Nowadays this process is considered to be the most trusted and valuable asset while pointing towards the reviews that your existing and old clients gave you. This process is one of the best approaches to get sales online easily.

· Try to get more traffic on your website

In inbound marketing, the main target of all the activities and strategies is to drive traffic to your website to get more sales leads. Your main and initial target must always be to drive as much traffic as possible so people can discover your existence, your services, and their intention to prefer your services for their needs. Traffic and other combined factor help you rank higher on Google search for the keywords similar to your services.

There are several ways to drive traffic to your website such as below:
1. Create a form submission page that drives people on a landing page and finally on your website
2. Offers and Coupon codes on selected products/items
3. Blogs related to your niche
4. Client reviews or feedback.
5. New product launch
6. Success story
7. New accomplishments
8. Contest Alerts

· Get involved in suitable forums

There are many forums and discussion boards created by people having any problem or query related to any services or product. You can find some forums related to your servings where the people might have asked some questions or are in need of some solution from the internet.

The best approach here will be to get in touch with the suffering prospect on time with some suggestions and answers to their query.

Here the idea should not be to directly pitch your services or offerings as a typical sales pitch. Instead, first of all, try to build repo and confidence among the people coming on that particular board.

There is too much possibility that other people having the same issue may land up on the same board of forum asked previously to get the solution for the problem they are facing. This activity can help you in the long run as the forums of popular websites would always pop up at the top of the Google search. Start by suggesting some solutions and then drive them to a particular page or website of your company.

· Webinar

Conducting webinar might sound non-interesting but it does showcase your image to be a well-reputed and well-organized company as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. To stand out of the ordinary crowd you must and have to perform and implement such a strategy to gain the confidence of your audience and build the branding of your company.

Webinar helps you demonstrate your knowledge and skills that you acquire in your industry and helps you prove what makes you stand out of others in terms of services.

Webinar if conducted with proper planning, strategy and implementation can result in the great outcome as per your expectation but on the same hand if you are not aware of the strategies to follow and undergo may end you up with no results at all.

The main crucial part is to select an appropriate topic for the webinar.

Here are a few Webinar Topics that you can use to conduct one! Webinar needs lots of planning in advance in addition to the announcements to your audience regarding the webinar that you are going to conduct with the date and time.

Make people register themselves for your webinar so that you are aware that how much people are willing and would attend your webinar. Most necessarily be prepared for the answers to the questions that the attendees may ask during the webinar. There are several after webinar activities that you must keep in mind and provide valuable assets to the attendees accordingly.

· Organize Hackathon

This might sound quite non-relatable to the strategies and goals we are talking about but it is a necessity to conduct such things sometime. Hackathon word might make you wonder that it is a college thing that occurs for the students and maybe some freshers, yes it is!

It’s not always about increasing and increasing sales. You might be generating enough leads and through the above mentioned unique techniques would also help you to boost your sales leads and results you in an excessive amount of leads.

Now, what if you do have a number of leads and closing deals but don’t have the bandwidth? How will you fulfill the words that you use while attracting those leads and customers to your door? You better need to have very highly skilled programmers or employees with you who can prove and help you bring value to what you provide in terms of quality and satisfaction.

Hackathon won’t only attract the employees or freshers to join you but will eventually help you increase the branding and being recognized among a large number of people for a long time. You never know what activity you do today may reward you later in an unexpected way.