Increase your Sales in the Covid-19 WFH situation?

Increase your Sales in the Covid-19 WFH situation?

Currently, everyone is affected and facing problems in the Covid-19 situation where everyone is forced to be locked and stay at home. Many businesses that cannot be operated remotely are facing too much financial loss and are totally shut down.

As of Covid-19 situation, everyone is dreaming and desiring to have their businesses online so that this situation doesn’t affect their business and financial condition. But fortunately, the IT industry is trying to provide solutions for each of the businesses and provide an opportunity to bring their local business online.

And hence, as of now, the demand for IT people has just increased and the need for their services is an increasing demand in the period of Quarantine. With this comes the increase in sales as well as the IT services salespeople.

Considering the Covid-19 situation as an advantage, a common salesperson must put more efforts than they were putting in the normal days back due to many reasons as below:

·       Very right time to build a relationship with prospects in Covid

During this COVID-19, when everyone is stuck at home they are almost all the time available to hear from a good opportunity. You can reach out to them with some context through any social media platform including Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook groups to talk about their processes and their business. Try to just talk about them instead of talking about your services and what you do. They want to be heard instead of just getting spammed with sales pitches.

For building your long-term and a great working relationship with someone you need to understand them and their nature of business from scratch and with constant unbiased communication. You will know when is a good time to jump on the main part of selling your services. But it is very crucial to understand when is the right time and not rush into that kind of discussion at the beginning itself. This will make you stand out from other salespeople and make them feel that you really care about them and not just to close some deals immediately.

·       Try to find out the industries that can grow with your help

Right now there are many people who need the right direction to be guided through someone who understands their business needs and helps them bring their business online. Many times, due to lacking the knowledge of technical aspects these non-IT firms end up staying and operating offline without understanding the power of bringing their business online.

Being a great salesperson, you can help them understand and realize that you can help them in bringing their ideas into vision by solving the technicality of the solution. You can help them cross this bridge of technical aspects by helping them identify the problem and have it all documented with a proper plan and design to show what the final result would be in the form of a prototype.

·       Understand the problems of the local business to make a unique solution for them

Other than the many common industries like Real Estate, Ecommerce, Insurance, Travel, Food-delivery based companies, many of the other uncommon industries are being brought to the online world. People have already started building unique solutions for almost all kinds of problems. This is where you need to be updated with the market trends. Being updated about the solutions that are invented day by day, you need to be active to link a solution to any needy person and get in touch with them at the right time.

If not a direct sales, a small introduction, and presentation of your idea will imprint your thoughts and services in their mind and they may get back to you for the solution later in the future. Sales is a really long process where you never know at what time your effort will reward you in which way. All you’ve got to do is keep leaving your foot-prints and come to the attention of the people with your services so that they remember you when they are in need.

·       Engage with more people as everyone is very likely to respond while being at home

Right now, if you message someone personally on any social media then they would respond to you instantly if they find any information or help useful for them. So salespeople must utilize this time to engage with more and more people closely through these platforms and build a repo. If not a proper sales win, you can at least build a personal bond and connection which might help you to reach them out on the later stage.

Linkedin/Facebook has a higher ratio of having replies there of your messages. Also, the groups have become more active these days where people have started posting their thoughts and needs. It is time to reach out to the needy people on time with your services. Along with that, you can also shout out with your services and give a helping hand to the start-ups and small companies to grow with your help and guidance. Along with these many online forums where these kinds of discussions are held, are a good place to reach out to people and know what their problems are.

·       Contribute your services to the people trying to make a difference in Covid 19

This is also the time to do something for society despite looking for just a business collaboration opportunity from somewhere. You will be known for the good deeds that you did at the time of its real need and your contribution today will be cherished later on when your product will solve the problem of the world and eventually help you generate the revenue slowly on the later stage.