Have you thought about doing Freelancing Instead of a Job?


Well, there are both Pros and Cons for both these alternatives. Actually there are more pros to freelancing so don’t think much. It’s up to you how you manage things in either of them and which one you really enjoy doing. The main goal should be a good payout and the right work-life balance.

I believe you must not jump on a decision for this question whether you should just stick on a job or freelancing. There should be proper planning for this.

You can first choose to get started with a job where you can get to learn work ethics. There will be many things that you won’t be able to learn if you chose to start your career from Freelancing.

You need to have the professional experience to deal with your clients. I would suggest you make Freelancing as your permanent source of income after gaining the necessary knowledge and experience from the job.

Why Freelancing is safer than a job?

You are not bound to do a deadline job that is committed by someone else which needs to be completed by you. People at jobs are restricted to work at the office premises only whereas freelancers can operate from anywhere in the world like from cafes or holidays.

You can always have multiple clients and jobs so there is no risk of depending on one and losing the income. You can literally work on your terms and only work when you need money. The most important thing is that you get paid more than your jobs as you get paid by the clients directly.

Freelancing might seem quite risky to some people in the beginning but you can start it as a side gig while doing a job. Once you feel you have built a good number of clients to work for than you can switch to it permanently.

Freelancers have more jobs going at a time

 The benefit that freelancing brings is that you are not dependent on one income or client at a time. You can manage and work on multiple projects by giving the time equally. This gives you job security that if any one of the clients decides to end the project or contract then you will be having another going on.

If you have the skills then you can complete the jobs quickly and search for more and more work if you have any time of your day free. You can get paid for every hour of your day you work.

Workers can lose their incomes due to crisis or unavoidable situation of a company

In freelancing, work comes and goes, and losing a freelancing job is not as heartbreaking as a crisis in a company.  Due to the company crisis, employers may layoff or fire their employees to save money which can result in a great loss for a job going, person.

And hence, in freelancing, there are very few chances of getting laid off by several clients at the same time. There have been many times in history when companies had to lay off their companies in America and hundreds of people became jobless overnight. That’s horrible, right!

Advantages of Doing Freelancing:

1. Perform multiple tasks at the same time

If you are a single person, working away from family or a mother with responsibilities you have several life choruses to be handled along with the work. Freelancing gives you the ability to stay at home, handles these things easily, and get back to work whenever you want.

You are never bounded at a particular time and can take a break when you feel so. Not only this, but you can also carry out several other jobs with the current one and have multiple clients/jobs.

This cannot be done in a 9 to 5 job when you have to waste most of the time for getting ready and reaching the office. You can utilize that time in something else and eventually make more money.

2. Freedom

You always have the freedom to take a 2-hour break and complete your important work from your freelancing work. You may opt to enjoy the day and complete the work at night or vice versa.

You can literally go out in a park or café and change your work environment which helps you complete your work even faster.

You can be on a long vacation and work a few hours a day and still keep earning. Yes, that’s the power of freelancing if you learn and do it the right way.

3. Ability to do work from home

Who would not want that, right! Staying in your bed and working with all comforts. That’s still a dream for most of us. Many companies are allowing their workers to do work from home and that too very fewer days per month only if the work is doable by staying at home.

Being a Freelancer, you can always have that benefit either way. Work from your home, or work from your relative’s home, or work from your friend’s home, it gives you the real freedom that you always wanted.

4. Flexible working hours

You don’t have to stick to working late or working for 8-9 hours long if your work is completed. You can simply log off for the day if your 8 hours of work is completed in 5 or 6 hours and you can enjoy the remaining time.

Flexibility is what all the full-time job people would seek in their jobs also. But they won’t get that much flexibility as a freelancer would get.

5. No wasting time and cost in traveling to work

Many people have to spend a lot of money on petrol/diesel for reaching their offices or have to pay for public transports if they don’t own a vehicle.

Simply a decent amount of money is saved here without worrying about reaching the office at the time. You can start your day whenever you are up and ready

While doing freelancing you do not have to deal with the following things:

  • You would not have to wait for a whole year to get that small amount of raise (get paid more as per your talent)
  • You do not have to drive long distances, get tired, and waste that time when you can work for that 1 hour and earn.
  • You do not get trapped in those office politics and won’t get into the negativity that is created due to that.
  • You do not have to be all dressed up with those suits, makeup and smiling all the times (when you can work in your comfy clothes)
  • You can leave your current contract or work if you are unhappy with it or if you get some better opportunity. You won’t have to be bounded for long years and years with the same work.

The Bottom Line

People self-employed and doing freelancing have always experienced their income to go up only. It has also been seen that people find themselves more confident and productive when they are doing work independently.

You can always see your hard work translating into a certain amount of consistency and a very steady stream of work that keeps you busy the whole time.

Once you will start and continue doing freelancing you will never be able to imagine yourself with a full-time job. You feel safer and feel in control of yourself instead of others when you are self-employed.

Ultimately, I would say that freelance life is easier and safer than a regular job as you will not have all your eggs in one basket.

You can totally control and plan when you want to earn a large stream of money and when you want to vacation or break from all.