Facebook Marketing for Increasing sales

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing can be for anyone like a business person, blogger, author, offline store, or an entertainer who can use it in their own way.

They can achieve their own goal on Facebook by setting the marketing strategy and plan that suits there requirements for reaching the goal.

You must create a Facebook marketing strategy for you that can be beneficial.

It is not about finalizing one thing and being stuck to one strategy and plan only.

With the world changing so fast, you also need to keep changing and so does your plans and strategy in order to succeed.

Your audience will always want something new from you.

So always try and keep changing different plans and strategy that gives you more positive results.

This helps you analyze what your audience likes and what technique helps you in getting an expected result.

You can generate the leads from these strategies for your business and it can be generated in several ways as discussed below.

Types of Leads generated on Facebook: 

1. Organic Posts

These are the leads that are generated directly from your post or story. Anyone who might have to find your page or content interesting and want your service can reach you with the help of any landing page (tips to create a great landing page) or link that you can provide in your post.

The website URL or the landing page must have a lead generation form. You can also include essential details that can help the visitor to make their decision.

This way of the customer directly reaching to you for your services is considered to be as an organic lead generated through the organic post.

For an organic post, you do not have to spend any money on ads. You just need to post a very smart kind of content that is appealing to your audience.

2. Facebook Leads Ads

Leads that are mainly generated through offers and discounts that you provide to your customers in your post are considered as Facebook Ads lead.

An ad here does not essentially mean running a paid ad. An ad can also be an advertisement that you can simply run through the offers and discounts.

These offers help your customer to gain the advantage and pay less for the same services.

Allow users to access offers and discounts without ever having to leave the Facebook app. You can provide vouchers or limited time low price offers that can attract them toward your Facebook post.

3. Link Click Ads

These are the ads that can direct people to some other page or website URL and make them leave Facebook.

You can add your website URL or any well-defined landing page in your post that is designed especially for the customers to make them aware of all your servings.  

A link click ad drives the traffic away from Facebook to a dedicated landing page on your site.

Now, for making these posts and strategies that much eligible to generate a sufficient amount of leads, you need to work on the foundation of your Facebook page.

You need to nurture and feed your audience step by step with the contents. You can start by connecting with them, building trust, and finally converting them into your customer.

The following are the different phases through which your customers should be driven in order to make them your customer.

3 Phases of Facebook Advertising (Marketing):


Goal – Branding

At first when you get connected with your followers or your audience that chooses you and your page are in the initial phase of your sales process.

When they connect with you at that time you cannot directly expect to start getting sales from them. You need to nurture them with your basic content and build that initial trust.

With this long process you will also be able to build branding of your services that is very much beneficial. Branding helps your customer easily identify you. Branding provides you more power in generating sales.


Goal – Lead generation

During this stage, you will have to commit to your followers and prove that you are going to provide them with all that you talk about.

During this phase, you gain the full confidence of your followers that you are not only just saying out or giving fake promises but also going to serve with full customer satisfaction.

You should post or create rich and useful content that will attract your existing followers. The content must be as such that helps them discover and keep you in mind whenever they need you.  


Goals – Sales Retargeting

For you, this will be an important stage, as whenever you might run an offer or discount your audience will decide if they should buy from you or not. Hence all those processes that you might have done previously will reward you in this stage.

You can target those users who might have shown interest in you previously. Sales retargeting always works as most of the people are more likely to trust the ads or posts that they see again and again.

Follow all the above-mentioned steps and you can achieve good results from Facebook also for generating quality leads. You will have the opportunity to convert these leads into your customer for the long term.