Effective use of AB Testing for Email Campaigns

Your click rates are defined under this process along with the website visits and lead generation through it. A better approach is to plan your campaign keeping some factors in mind that will help you reach the people more and increase the success ratio as well. Following are some points that you should notice while doing AB testing and change the strategy accordingly and adopt the efforts that better suits your campaign:

Email sent time

This is the most important factor in AB testing as the time you send an email is very much important to reach to the client and get your mail opened as if you don’t reach them within the business hours than your email will certainly go into group of unread messages. Try changing the timings while shooting an email every day as it differs according to the location you are targeting.

Normally, 11 AM and 3-5 PM of the client’s time zone is the best time to reach and increases the chances of your email being read. But you will have to confirm this by running a mail campaign at different times and note that which time is best for your campaign.

The subject line of Email

Subject line of an email decides the action of the client whether the client finds it interesting or important to open your email or not. You must keep the subject line up to the point so that the reader gets an overall idea/reason of your email to reach them out.

Sometimes a very different and innovative approach attracts the client more than the casual subject lines. If you have tested with different timings in your campaign and still suffering to get more ratio than it is time to change your subject line. After this you will have 2 factors tested and have real time report of the open rates with different times and subject line.

Target person

If you have succeeded in AB testing the email approach with different times and subject line and yet not getting enough response from your email campaign than it is likely that the person you are targeting may not be the responsible person to reach and may also not help you with the purpose of your email.

You will have to set some parameters for deciding your target person to reach out through an email. It is not necessary that always the C level members are the best to be attacked for the email. You will have to identify the size of the company, the type of its industry, and location. Based on these factors you can decide the decision maker you should contact.

Content of Email

After changing and implementing suitable strategy for your campaign if at last you don’t receive the positive response from the emails than the last thing that you have to change is your content. As you will have produce an impactful content that forces the clients to search more about you and your services.

As we all know that content is the key to any success and also a powerful tool to attract the audience as it is your first impression in front of an unknown client to trust you within your first email. You can try AB testing with different content and providing different links that the client will find it useful to know more about you.

Analyzing factors

Open rates

After each change or testing in your email campaign check the open ratio of your emails that will determine that applying which strategy helped in gaining more success to open the email you sent.


Analyze that by doing which change the number of unsubscribers decreased. You will have to concentrate on this portion the most as the more you lose the people through the unsubscribers the less you will reach your potential clients.

Delete ratio

How many people deleted your email after viewing your email? This shows that the time you pitched and subject line you approached with was correct but it was not important for the client to keep it anymore in their inbox for future reference as well. The reason can the target person may not be the correct or they may be not really interested to move ahead with your offerings.

Block ratio

So here they don’t want to hear from you again in the future ever. You will not be able to reach them through emails anymore and again this is a serious factor to deal with.

Response ratio

Once you have tested all the aspects all you are waiting for is the response ratio from the campaigns. Check out which change in the campaign is affecting the response ratio and providing you an increase in this ratio and accordingly apply those changes all together including the time, subject line, target person, and content to achieve better results.

Positive response

Though the response ratio will improve somehow all that matters is a positive response to be converted at the end.

Negative resposne

This is something you are not looking forward to pouring this much of hard work and hence if this ratio is more than the positive response than you will definitely have to work again on the factors discussed above.