Best Marketing Automation Software that will boost your Sales

Marketing Automation tools that are available for marketing have started ruling over the manual process as they provide more productive and personalized activities for an organization to handle them easily. Many companies have switched to the most suitable tool for their organization and have been doing best in their field with magnificent output. You must choose the best tool that suits your requirement and you are good to go and rock. Following are some of the best tools that many experienced Digital Marketers suggest:

1. Marketo

Marketo is the most powerful marketing automation tool that helps master the art and science of digital marketing to engage customers and prospects. It is focused on account-based marketing, including email, social, mobile, digital ads, web management, and analytics.

Marketing Automation - Marketo

  The main features of Marketo are as follows:

— B2B marketing & lead management

— Consumer Engagement Marketing

— Email & campaign management

— Real-time Personalization

— Budgets & marketing calendar

— Email/Inbound/Event Marketing

— Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

— Measure & Optimize ROI

— Optimized Ad Spend

2. Eloqua

Eloqua(owned by Oracle) is a marketing automation platform that is now owned by Oracle. This tool can be used by B2B marketers to automate the lead generation process. It allows you to make the strategies, create and implement marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Eloqua consists of lots of great features that will effectively help you in your process.

Marketing Automation - Eloqua

The main features of Eloqua are as follows:

· Marketing content database

· Advanced data-cleansing, de-duplication and normalization

· Landing pages & forms

· Lead nurturing, scoring & assignment

· Eloque Social Suite

· Contact Profiling and Segmentation

· Display advertising

· Content creation, publishing & promotion

· Custom multi-city/multi-session events

· Brand social media monitoring

· Dedicated IP address(es) & full link branding

· Customer segmentation & targeted communications

· Contact/lead database

· Marketing advisor team

· Sales alerts, notifications and emailed reports

· Email testing & reputation management tools

· Real time reporting

· Unified marketing calendar

· Marketing campaign analysis

· Best practice templates / programs & tools

· Drip marketing and multi-channel campaigns

· Event management

· Single sign on for


This is a widely used tool to automate and help you send the right messages at the right time. It is also used to deliver relevant newsletters by scheduling them in one shot. You can get real-time segments from any data like page views, attributes, events and email activities (open ratio). You can also combine different segments and export them to CSV format with the help of additional subscription.

Marketing Automation -

The main features of are as follows:

· Automation

· Segmentation

· User Profiles

· Analytics

· Design and Personalization

· Built for scale

· Newletters

· Transactional Emails

· Segment Triggered Emails

· Free your Email

· Track Conversions

· A/B Testing

· Send a Drip Campaign

4. Constant Contact

Using this uniquely great software you can reach and engage with your customers with Effortless Email marketing. Marketing has not been so easy without tools like Constant contact. This tool has been serving many great features that have helped the organization set back and just focus on the results instead of just making efforts.

Marketing Automation - Constant contact

The main features of Constant Contact are as follows:

· Free Trial

· Engaging Templates

· Reporting Tools

· Create responsive emails customized to your brand that look great on any device

· Add subscribers via SMS messages, Facebook, forms and more

· Store files and images online to share via emails

· Track email results in real time

· Create events, surveys, and more

· Free expert coaches for product support and marketing advice

5. HubSpot

It is a great tool to maintain inbound marketing and sales strategies and activities. Every marketing and sales practices that need planning and correct execution is easily maintained by Hubspot. It is widely known for its easy to use features that will help accelerate your process within a short span. You can depend on the tool completely like a human to carry out the task without missing your work being done.

Marketing Automation - hubspot

  The main features of Hubspot are as follows:

· Customer relationship management (CRM) tools

· Marketing automation

· Content management

· Email marketing

· Social media marketing

· Create and optimize landing pages

· Lead management

· Reporting and metrics

· Site keyword tool

· Search engine optimization (SEO) tools

6. LeadSquared

It is an effective marketing and sales solution for Enterprises and SMEs.

The users have said that using this tool they have succeeded in converting the leads for up to 50%. The biggest fact has been that it contains all the features that the above tools give and that too at a fraction of cost. Many of them experienced that there was a lot of leakage in fetching all the online and offline leads and it is they have drastically reduced leakage in 6 major channels.

The main features of Leadsquared are as follows:

— Lead Capture Automation

— Responsive Landing Pages

— Website Widgets

— Seamless Lead Capture

— Marketing Automation

— Drip Marketing

— Segmentation

— Personalization

— Marketing and Sales Analytics

— Lead Engagement Index

— Marketing Insights

— Sales Insights

7. Infusionsoft

Again it is a sales and marketing software built for small businesses. It combines everything that a business needs into a single online system like email marketing, CRM, and marketing automation. It provides the easiest way to get organized, grows sales, and save time. It offers the solution in very affordable plans than other software.

The main features of Infusionsoft are as follows:

· Marketing Automation


· Sales Automation

· Integrations

· Online Sales/Store

· Analytics

· Mobile

· Payments

8. Bizible

It is a great tool to unlock your revenue on new levels. It is also a good complement to Marketo and it is highly recommended by many of the pioneers. The simple mantra is to discover the journey, transform the lead, and evidence the growth. It gives an avenue to incorporate more predictability into your planning process and add flexibility to the scenario plan.

The main features of Bizible are as follows:

· Custom Salesforce Stages

· Google Image Ads and Template Ads Support

· Device and Geography

· Cross-Domain Support

· Track Custom Website Events

· Live Chat support to Olark and SnapEngage