8 Best Online Discussion Forum in 2020

A discussion board which is also known by various other names such as discussion forum, discussion group, message board, and online forum is a general term for any online “bulletin board” where you can leave and expect to see responses to messages you have left or can also just read the board.

An online discussion board provides the ability for any kind of discussions to occur over a period of time. Students or Professionals can gather and share their ideas and thoughts before posting and sharing their informative responses, which leads to more detailed learning.

Advantages of Online Discussion Forums:

— Better Engagement

— Opportunities for students/professionals to gain more knowledge

— Increase Collaboration

— Helps you view and respond to the mentors.

— Improve Communication

— Encourage discussion

— Seek Assistance and Support

— Off-page SEO technique to increase web traffic

— Good strategy to increase your website back links.

You could use a discussion forum for general discussion around a shared interest or even as a question and answer site.

These discussion forums can be private or public, depending on the forum’s motive and expected level of access to the forum. Some private discussion forums restrict anyone without specific access permissions from posting or viewing into the forum.

In a fully moderated discussion, messages from anyone except the “trusted” users are screened by a moderator before they post anything in the forum. Messages that are posted by trusted users do not require the moderator’s approval.

It’s a better idea to utilize a discussion forum rather than direct personal email whenever privacy or security concerns don’t prevent it, even when the communication only involves two project members.

The conversation gatherings and mailing records are firmly coordinated. Discussion overseers can decide to empower a mailing list for each undertaking gathering. A mailing list stretches out the conversation gathering usefulness to permit venture individuals to present messages on the discussion utilizing email.

Following are some of the best Online Discussion Forums where you can get involved and get the solutions to all your problems:

1. Quora

Quora is specially built and invented for exchanging ideas, perspectives, and knowledge about literally anything in the world. Here you can learn and get insights from the experts and most experienced people in a particular field. People here can follow any particular question on which they are interested to read about and get an update whenever there is a new answer to it.

Quora - Best Online Discussion Forums

There are multiple kinds of questions like funny, spiritual, politics, film industry, science, fiction, inventions, latest trends, study-related, and any random questions. Among these questions, people who answer a very relatable and with interesting content gets the highest upvotes and are also rewarded with the followers.

Many of the other forums generally target a very specific niche or industry, but Quora lets you discuss every kind of topic and industry. You can ask someone to drop a question on Quora and answer it by yourself if you feel to share something that you are good at.

People also use it for Sales, Marketing, and SEO purposes to spread about their brand and services to the people by answering or asking questions with their own approach. Because the more people hear about you on the web the more they become likely to intend towards you.

2. Reddit

Reddit works quite differently. It has several subreddits with different topics within it. Each subreddit has its own admins, owners, rules, community, discussion topic, and so on. It can be used to share articles as well as news.

Reddit - Best Online Discussion Forums

One major use of Reddit is to post a question, query, or issue faced by anyone to get the answers from the fellow users or to have an open discussion about the same. People can upvote or downvote each other’s comments as per their perspective.

One can get rich content and the opinions or suggestions of others on the same. It is a platform where one can identify their skills of writing, explaining, sharing knowledge, communicating with others, and much more.

3. Stackoverflow

This is another question and answer site but specially designed and developed for professional and beginner programmers. Using Stackoverflow, students or professionals can post their queries related to programming where others would answer to these queries if they have a solution to it.

Stackoverflow - Best Online Discussion Forums

People upvote the answers based on their helpfulness. Students can refer to the questions that might have already been asked by someone and can excel in their careers using Stackoverflow.

Stackoverflow is a community of more than eight million programmers, so you can ultimately imagine the power of it and the help that anyone can seek from there.

4. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is also another network for Question and Answers but for all different topics and niche. Stack Exchange is owned by Stackoverflow and has many such sites with different niche targets to let people discuss and have the knowledge gained.

Stack Exchange - Best Online Discussion Forums

5. Tribe

It is a powerful community platform that one can integrate into their product to increase user engagement, drive retention, and boost customer lifetime value.

Tribe - Best Online Discussion Forums

Using this community platform, you can create a stand-alone or integrated community website. With the help of this unique platform, you can enable your users to connect and discuss under your brand. Your users can follow, ask questions, start discussions, upvote, comment, and share content.

6. Discourse

Discourse is a next-generation open-source Online Forum. You can use it as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and much more.


It is a modern way of internet discussion forums. Its natural immune system is used to defend itself from trolls, bad actors, and spammers. Also, the most engaged forum members can assist in the governance of their community.

7. Yahoo Answers

This is another Q/A site for posting, asking, and answering on the topics you know. It is similar to all the other sites that we have mentioned above.

Yahoo Answers

8. Ask FM

It is a global social networking site where users can create profiles and ask questions to each other. People can then revert on these questions with an appropriate answer with all the knowledge they have.

Ask fm

You can ask questions either anonymously or openly. People can also do a photo poll using its unique shoutout feature.